My grandfather Filippo loved to say: “…all you need to make a friend is a glass of wine, but a barrel is not enough to keep him…”

We are happy for you to choose your bottle of wine directly from the shelves of Vineria Cozzi. We have 300 labels, selected by our sommelier, with whom you can discuss wines and exchange ideas and opinions.
Our philosophy comes from experience.The experience of those who make wine, but also experience meaning a test, flavours, appreciation. Only wines that we truly like are purchased for our wine cellar inVineria Cozzi: our commitment means that we always on the look out for new and unusual products. As in past times, there’s no need to buy a whole bottle; you can come to the Vineria just for a glass of good wine; we’ll be delighted to show you the wines in our wine bar! Among the grappas available: Marolo, Jermann, Maschio Prime Uve, Nonino, Antinori, Gaja.