Tales and stories: Vineria Cozzi, Simona and the dreams that took shape and came to fruition.

The Vineria was established in 1848 and held the first licence in Bergamo to sell salt and tobacco; it soon became the after-theatre meeting place for people attending the nearby and very beautiful Teatro Sociale. Time passed and Vineria Cozzi endured, was transformed and without losing its soul followed the times, becoming initially the ideal place for arranging meetings with friends and then, in 1986, my place.
I am Simona; then I was only 18 years old, a girl with different passions, many interests… somewhat less for school. On the day my parents gave me Vineria Cozzi, the challenge began, a great challenge, to which today, as I did yesterday, I give my all. Among these ancient walls I have realised a dream, a dynamic kitchen, a place that has become home to everyone who comes in, initially with curiosity, then willingly and …buon appetito!”